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Online Fixed Gas Detector

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BOSEAN (China) European Standard Fixed Remote Control Gas Detectors fitted with “FARNELL” (UK) Imported Sensors, used to detect the concentration of flammable gases or other toxic and harmful gases in the air. When the concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm value. At the same time, the controller will give an audible and visual alarm, and promptly take measures to prevent the explosion and poisoning accidents, thus ensuring the safety of life and property.


The product has the advantages of stable signal, high precision, rapid response, long life, short polarization time, etc. It adopts industrial grade sensor, the instrument casing adopts explosion-proof explosion-proof structure design, 4-20mA standard signal or directly enters DOS system, which can be widely used. In the metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, municipal and other industries.

The outer casing is made of die-cast aluminum shell with flameproof structure. The groove of the upper cover is designed to lock the casing. The front of the sensor is designed as a downward structure to ensure good contact between the sensor and the gas. The inlet is made of explosion-proof waterproof joint.

Explosion proof grade :  Exd ⅡC T6 Gb

Response time:  <30S

Power supply: DC24V±15%

Working temperature:  -20℃~50℃

Output current: 4-20mA

Working humidity: 0-95%RH (no dew)

Contact output:  Free contact output, max power 1kW

Single input:  4~20mA and RS485

Installation method: Wall-mounted

Shell material:  Aluminum

 Use to detect following Gases 

4 in 1 (H2S, CO, O2 & LEL) , CO, O2,  H2, H2S, CH4, C2H4O, EX,  C3H8, C2H5OH, NH3, CL2, O3, SO2, PH3, LPG, CO2, NO, NO2, HCN, HCL, CH2O, HF, C7H8/C8H10 customized